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All over the world, safety of common people is at risk. Whether it is your commercial space, residential premises, hotels, and shopping malls and corporate offices, acts of trespassing, theft, sabotaging, pilfering, activities’ commotion, and forgery have become uncontrolled these days. There are several places where everyday people need security and we, Sisg India is ready for you! Our recruits are geared up to fulfill your expectations of heightened location security management and to take care of risks and liabilities associated with your facility.

Our all security guards are proper trained and they will authorize and monitoring entrance and departure of visitors, guest and employees. There are different types of security guards available in our center. They can able to perform any kind of role like residential building security, industrial security guard and home security, etc. Different companies need different facilities in terms of security guard. Our security advisers leave no stone unturned when they design and deploy safety plan for your commercial unit.

In different areas we provide security guards such as; for residential security, for industrial security, for institutional security, for hospital security and so on. They are also trained in ethical norms, so they are honest in doing their duty. We consider honesty as important characteristics of the security guards. They are also trained to lead and follow the instruction just like the army does, and they are strict in following the rules. If you choose our services, you will get experienced security guards for any sector, 24*7 services, standard rates for the services and no communication gap. We ensure our client will get best service from us! If you want to know more details about our security guard services, you can contact us directly! All the security guards are educated and they are proper trained. We offer weekly training to our staff and guards to make sure they will provide best service.